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We gather together to make chocolate truffles at Thanksgiving. This has been our tradition for 24 years, thanks to the volunteer help of family and friends.

Our results? We think they are world class, but you'll have to judge for yourself. The intensity of the hand labor and the expense of the ingredients (five ultrapremium French chocolates, Tahitian vanilla beans, rare liquor) are so high, we couldn't possibly sell our truffles. So instead, we give them away to people who will appreciate them.

If you are reading this, you probably have a box of these truffles, which means that you are a member of our select worldwide truffle family. Welcome. And don't miss the photos on the following pages sent to us by our truffle lovers. Please keep them coming.

Jim Koper

Did you notice the photo of the JK truffle box at the White House? I was invited there by guest chef Maricel Presilla to make Latin flavored truffles we developed together as part of her Latin Festival menu for President Obama and 300 guests. Thank you Maricel. It was the thrill of a lifetime!